outdoor activities

learning through outdoor play: suitable for all ages.

outdoor ideas

As Spring is here, we welcome the opportunity to play and learn in the garden. Here are a few of our favourite things to do in the garden alongside some excellent resources to work alongside you. 

search, to find, long term goal

Scavenger Hunt

A huge list of ideas of objects for children to find outdoors with lots of variations to vary it from time to time.

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Water Play

All children seem to love water play, here’s a list of activities with variations that will keep them busy for a good while. 

dirt, farm, garden

Gardening Skills

Teach them some gardening skills and get some jobs done at the same time. 

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Enjoy reading outdoors. 


Maddie Moate is a favourite of ours. She encourages children to explore different aspects of outdoor space and is currently posting a daily live video. 


You will need: 

  • a washing line/piece of string
  • letters/numbers written onto the back of cardboard boxes/post-it notes 
  • pegs


Choose how you’d like to play:

1. Peg to spell tricky words

2. Peg in number or alphabetical order

3.  Peg numbers/letters in order missing out 10, ask children to fill in the gaps

4. Spell out names

5. Blindfold them and ask them to pick 5 letters or numbers from the line- can they make a word/sum and work out the answer?

clothespins, clothes line, hang


You can regrow vegetables from the pieces chopped off and usually thrown away. 

Place the root in a shalllow dish of water and see what happens! 


conduct your own experiments

1. Make a ramp with wood and block and slide cars down them- predict what will happen when you lower/raise the height of the ramp. 

2. Gather 10 objects from around the house, make a chart split into two columns- sink/float. Predict which object will sink or float and try it out. 

leaf floating, floating, leaf