EASY Arts and crafts

Entertain the kids and enjoy arts and crafts together.


I find that easy arts and crafts calm both me and the kids and the activities don’t always have to be full on and involving a massive clean up. Simple colouring in and drawing activities are great ways to keep them busy and maybe to allow you to experience some quiet time too. Here are a few of our favourite arty activities to do and some that I’ve seen shared that we are definitely going to try, sometimes we split up one craft activity over a few days to make it even easier to complete. 


We decided to make salt dough keepsakes after seeing a few others doing the same. It was surprisingly easy to do and both boys enjoyed it. It was ideal for their ages as we could do a bit and come back to it over a few days. 

I’m documenting as much of our lockdown activities as possible and so we filmed it all. 

Our keepsake is now sat on our sideboard and we intend to make some for outside and some for the wall. 

Ideal as gifts too! 

What you’ll need: 

  • 2 cups of plain flour
  • 1 cup of table salt
  • 1 cup of water

Bake at 100C for 4 hours or until dry and rock hard- don’t forget the greaseproof paper!

You may need to turn it over in order for the bottom to dry out. 

Painting may need a couple of coats. 



Here is a video of us making our Easter wreaths, we made three and used them as gifts to family members who we couldn’t visit during lockdown. I hope the kids enjoy looking back on the arts and crafts that we did when we reminisce about these strange times in the future!

red pen, save, colored pencil

Three pen challenge

Get out a full set of colouring pens/pencils, each close your eyes and choose 3. Then set a timer for ten minutes and colour in your picture using only the three colours that you have selected at random. Theo particularly enjoys colouring characters from films and books and making them look totally different with the three colour limitation. 


Using tracing paper or thin plain paper, trace around characters from books and then colour in. It creates a sense of achievement when they complete a whole picture and develops pen control which is handy for writing skills too. 

Art for Kids Hub

This is such a useful way in which children can be guided through drawing every day objects and recognisable characters. 



This Morning are asking for colourful artwork featuring NHS staff to be sent to them via their app. This will then be printed and used to decorate the wards. 

The deadline is Wednesday 8th April. 

Click below to access the app



Arts and craft store Hobby Craft are running daily craft club featuring challenges and activities on their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. They release a weekly schedule alongside a list of materials that you will need so that you are fully prepared before each activity. Easy to opt in and out of!

things that we are going to try during easter

I’ve spent a lot of time looking into different arts and crafts ideas and we will definitely try the activities below over the Easter holidays.  

Salt Dough Art

Shadow Tracing