With the Summer term about to begin, I’ve decided to plan ahead where possible spending some time on a Sunday planning the week ahead using the topics and ideas sent from Theo’s school and my own ideas to plan what we will do each day of the week. 

As you can see, we have our daily constants: Ruth Miskin and The Maths Factor as well as Tricky Word practice. 

Once a week, we write a letter to a friend, draw a picture and then walk to the post box to post it. 

I’ve also decided to focus on one ‘life skill’ a week and this week it’s telling the time. I’ve got some resources from TWINKL to help. 

We have focused here on English and Maths but will do work based on other subjects also, based on what is sent from school. 


book, star, open book

Resources aimed at helping children in Reception: phonics, reading and writing.

mathematics, pay, digits

Resources aimed at helping children in Reception: numbers, number sentences, fractions.

search, internet, online

FREE ONLINE live classes

A range of online activities for all ages: dance, exercise and live classes. 

Play ideas

child, tower, building blocks

A range of play ideas for toddlers through to school age children, ideal to set up and encourage independent play and to break up the day when home schooling.  

outdoor play ideas

pencil, sky, kids

Other subjects

brain, think, psychology

mindfulness and keeping active

please contact for any request for resources or private tutoring needs.

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